I think I just won the award for the most stupid, overly minimal app ever created. It was a rough fight, and I faced some seemingly insurmountable competition (the app Yo, for instance). But I think I just may have won.

My app is called “Just Press the Button.” It has two things on screen when you open it: a button and a counter. Every time you press the button, the counter increases. However, the button also ends the game eventually. So, eventually you’ll press the button and will receive a game over screen instead of the usual point on the counter. The app's "interface"

I made the app to learn how to use Cordova, jQuery Mobile, and Angular.js. Please don’t take it too seriously. It doesn’t really have any use whatsoever, but a friend of mine has suggested the consequences of a “game over” be modified to create a more stressful and technologically advanced version of ride the bus.

If you wish to get the app, you can find it for iPhone (Android/iPad version coming soon maybe; sorry I guess) here.