Killer Mike and I

I’m Drew, a software developer at Microsoft in Redmond, WA on the Xbox Game Pass for PC team. That’s me on the left.

I’ve also worked for a few different companies as an intern. I built a decent amount of an MVP for an ed-tech startup in State College called Live It. I also worked at StudioLabs in NYC, a digital agency where I did client work for companies like Shake Shack, Estee Lauder, Paula Deen, and Zype. In the summer of 2017, I worked on the Discovery & Collaboration team at Microsoft as a Software Engineering Intern in Redmond, WA, where I returned to work full time for a year before moving to my current team.

When I’m not in a text editor, I like to read, cook, watch sports, and play games, among other things. Sometimes, I even write about these things on here.